network security

VUIT and VUMC IT to upgrade enterprise LDAP directory service

On Oct. 4, Vanderbilt IT and VUMC IT will upgrade the university LDAP service to ensure a more highly available and secure enterprise directory service.

Practice safe Web browsing to avoid ransomware

One of the latest threats in the cyber world is the use of ransomware, a type of malware that prevents a user from accessing his or her system through various forms of encryption. Vanderbilt IT shares the best ways to protect yourself by practicing safe Web browsing.

Hackers target Vanderbilt users in phishing attack

Last weekend, hackers launched a significant phishing attack against Vanderbilt email users.

Security bug Shellshock puts operating systems at risk

Mac and Linux users should be on the lookout for any software updates sent in the coming days from Apple to address the Shellshock security bug.

External email tag being removed; users should continue to exercise caution

Vanderbilt IT removed the [External] tag from the subject lines of emails sent by Vanderbilt students through their Vanderbilt Gmail accounts effective Aug. 6, and will remove the tag from all other external emails on the evening of Aug. 11.

Campus on alert following phishing attacks

Vanderbilt IT has developed tips for managing emails now marked [External].