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Study sees eligibility confusion ahead for Affordable Care Act applicants

A Vanderbilt expert on health policy and economics says that many people who get subsidized private health insurance under the Affordable Care Act in 2014 could face confusing changes in eligibility and cost sharing, and some will be required to pay the government back after the first year of participation.

Vanderbilt honors top graduates during Commencement

Top scholars from Vanderbilt University’s undergraduate and professional schools are being honored with Founder’s Medals during Commencement on Friday, May 11.

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Vanderbilt class explores genetic link to voters’ behavior

A quirky new Vanderbilt University course blends politics and biological science to explore the effect of genetic make-up on political choices. Distinguished Professor of Political Science John Geer and David Bader, a professor of medicine and cell and developmental biology, are co-teaching “Genetics and Politics” this spring.