Panoramic ‘DNA’ podcast Season 3 explores elements of well-being

Collection of “Star Wars” Legos makes sure the force stays with child psychiatrist Yasas Tanguturi

Why are they at his office? “One, I ran out of space, and two, my wife doesn’t want them at home.”

SENSE Theatre production of “The Adult School” brings together diverse cast

The goal of the SENSE Theatre program is to improve the social and emotional functioning of individuals with autism spectrum disorder through using behavioral and theater techniques.

Warren Taylor, MD, MHSc, and colleagues are exploring why older adults who have successfully been treated for depression experience a recurrence within four to five years.

Study to explore treatment for older adults with depression

Older adults with depression face a unique obstacle — dealing with both a mental illness and the challenges that come along with aging. Currently, there are no treatments on the market targeting depression in this specific group.

Harold Jordan, VUMC’s first Black resident, arrived on campus 56 years ago. He looks back on a very different time at the Medical Center.

The pioneering physician recalls the summer of 1964, the support of his colleagues and the challenges he faced

Schuyler Clayton battled a decade of opioid addiction. Now a recovery coach, he serves as a beacon of hope amid a nationwide epidemic.

“Our patients live with a disease they don’t get help for out of fear of blame. It’s important for me to say, ‘I’m living with the same thing, and I’m not ashamed.’”

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