Reporter Dec 12 2014

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Atrial disease and hypertension links

New findings suggest that misfolded proteins accumulate in the heart atria, particularly in patients with hypertension, and may contribute to atrial heart disease.

Target for atherosclerosis therapies

A newly identified “atheroprotective” gene is a tool for exploring plaque pathophysiology and may be a good target for therapies to slow atherosclerosis progression.

Retinal neuron survival in glaucoma

Understanding how the protein TRPV1 helps neurons survive after glaucoma-related stressors could lead to new therapeutic strategies for glaucoma and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Bacterial secretion machinery: 3-D view

New structural findings reveal how “gatekeeper” proteins participate in the secretion systems bacteria use to infect host cells.

Upgrade enhances e-health records for patient transitions

People who study health care delivery tend to be interested in the ins and outs of patient information — how it’s gathered, how it’s used. One important focus is provider-to-provider communication associated with patient transitions between care settings.

Terhune to direct General Surgery residency program

The General Surgery residency program at Vanderbilt School of Medicine is getting a new program director, but it won’t be a new face.

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