Reporter Dec 13 2013

Targeting tumor “supply lines”

A metabolic enzyme plays a crucial role in vascular development and may be a good target for cancer therapies.

Cancer drug enhances cognition

The breast cancer drug tamoxifen improves cognitive performance in post-menopausal women.

Manager of mitotic stress

The protein CK1 delays cell division to avoid the generation of defects that drive tumorigenesis.

Study to explore new technologies to connect doctors, patients outside medical settings

A five-year study to explore new technologies that automate patient care outside of hospitals and doctors’ offices will identify ways technology can provide real-time feedback and guidance to patients and to alert care coordination teams before health issues escalate.

Routine TB testing to resume Dec. 16

Routine tuberculosis (TB) skin testing for Vanderbilt staff and faculty will resume Monday, Dec. 16, after temporarily being suspended since September due to a national shortage of the TB skin testing solution Tubersol.

Therapeutic target for gastric cancer

A protein kinase linked to inflammation and tumor development may be a good target for gastric cancer therapies.

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