Reporter March 20 2015

New systems biology method may help improve vaccine evaluation

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have found a new way to “dissect” the human immune response following influenza vaccination.

Streptococcus virulence involves three-step plasminogen binding

Researchers at Vanderbilt have shown for the first time how a component of streptococci A and C bacteria helps spread the virus so rapidly through the body.

Multi-sensory processing model explores autism, schizophrenia

There is growing evidence that disorders such as autism and schizophrenia involve deficits in what is called “multi-sensory processing,” the ability of the brain to properly integrate information coming in through the eyes, ears and other senses.

VICC’s Johnson to study cancer survivorship with immune inhibitor drugs

Smith selected as next editor of Journal of Urology

Diamond advocates nationally for youth sports health, safety

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