Reporter March 20 2020

Spasticity underdiagnosed

Spasticity — a consequence of stroke and other disorders of the central nervous system — may be underdiagnosed and undertreated in nursing home residents.

Cellular factor helps package flu genome

New insights on influenza genome packaging could guide strategies for interfering with the virus’s life cycle and ability to cause infection.

Race, hormones and diabetes risk

Variation in the levels of hormones called natriuretic peptides may contribute to racial differences in susceptibility to diabetes, suggesting that this hormone system may be a target for reducing risk of the disease.

Jeff Balser, MD, PhD, on altering approach to elective care

Here’s the latest information on our coronavirus response. The situation is changing by the hour and we will keep you informed as we determine what’s best for our patients — and for all of us at VUMC.

Blocking stress-induced relapse

Danny Winder and colleagues are teasing apart the actions of neurotransmitter receptors in a brain region linked to anxiety and addiction, with a goal of finding treatments for substance use disorders.

Brad Hill, MD, left, recently performed minimally invasive carpal tunnel release surgery for Tommy Rainey. The procedure allows patients to return to work and regular activities sooner than a traditional, open procedure.

Minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery offers quicker healing

Tommy Rainey suspects problems with his hands began as a result of countless hours at the keyboard during his long career as a publisher and writer, and when tingling and numbness in his left hand continued to worsen, he knew he had to get help.

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