Vanderbilt Voice Center’s Professional Voice Conference brings medical professionals and vocal athletes together

A Vanderbilt Voice Center conference will focus on wellness, readiness and resilience for vocal professionals and will touch on topics such as vocal hygiene, recovery after injury, allergies, surgery, respiration, life on the road, and more.

Silas LaCagnin gazes at his mother, Ansley LaCagnin, while she sings to him.

Study finds sensitivity to musical rhythm supports social development in infants

A new study shows engaging infants with a song provides a ready-made means for supporting social development and interaction.

Martin Luther King Jr. Morning Tribute features voices raised in song and calls for unity and justice

The United Voices of Vanderbilt choir sang “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and André Churchwell soloed on “Abraham, Martin and John.”

Every child who finishes chemo gets a rousing serenade. The woman behind Children’s Hospital’s “Last Chemo” song.

Warning: you will be humming “The Macarena” for the rest of the day.

The inside story of how the “Today” show surprised a VUMC nurse on the air

There was singing. There were hugs. There was laughter. There were tears.

“The most famous nurse in the world” looks back on the video of her singing to a patient — and tells the story behind it

Olivia Neufelder sang from her heart to her dying patient, and millions of people all over the world shared the video. Here’s the story behind the song, and what the 24-year-old Vanderbilt nurse’s reaction has been to her fame.