VUMC surgical tech cheers on daughter Grace West on NBC’s “The Voice”

Daryl Rembinski’s family moved to Nashville from Detroit to support Grace’s singing career

gloved hand handling sterile surgical tools

Surgical risk persists for patients who’ve had COVID

Vanderbilt researchers report that the trend of decreasing postoperative risk for people who have had COVID persists longer than previously known, for as long as 13 months after COVID.

Janet Darnell received a lifesaving lung transplant. Five months later she received lifesaving surgery for colon cancer. She calls herself a “walking miracle.”

Without the lung transplant, the cancer may never have been detected.

Getting the goods on obesity

Obesity and two post-operative complications linked with it have associated genetic variants in common, suggesting that obesity may be the culprit.

Her dad needed a kidney; hers didn’t match. But through paired donation, her dad got a kidney and so did another person in need.

Her blood type was B and his was A. So they went to Plan B.

“You don’t need to be afraid.” A 10-year-old’s words of comfort to an adult facing surgery.

Leslie McDaniel had never had surgery in her life and was apprehensive. Bethany Lafata, 10, is already an expert at preparing for surgery, so she shared encouragement and advice.

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