Timothy Shriver

Photo: Anniversary visitor

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (VKC) recently welcomed Timothy Shriver, Ph.D., chair and CEO of Special Olympics, as part of the center’s 50th anniversary celebration.

VKC celebrates 50th anniversary with Shriver visit

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s 50th recent Anniversary Community Celebration celebrated the strides made in half a century and concentrated on steps to be taken for the future.

Kennedy Center exterior

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center to mark 50th anniversary with Timothy Shriver

In honor of its 50th anniversary, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center will hold a community celebration with special guest Tim Shriver.

Kennedy Center exterior

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center celebrates 50 years in 2015

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center will celebrate 50 years of transforming lives in 2015 with lectures by AUCD Executive Director Andrew Imparato and Special Olympics Chairman and CEO Timothy Shriver.

Timothy Shriver, CEO of Special Olympics, visits Kennedy Center

“What the Kennedy Center represents is that people are willing to take seriously the needs and the potential of people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities,” Shriver said.