Tom Talbot

You missed a few: a better way to count health care-associated influenza cases

The traditional definition of health care-associated influenza leads to gross undercounting, a Vanderbilt study suggests.

Talbot named to infection prevention society’s leadership

Vanderbilt’s Tom Talbot, MD, MPH, was recently elected to serve in the leadership of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America.

Infectious diseases experts at VUMC offer their insights on best practices for navigating holiday gatherings during the ongoing pandemic.

Weigh risks, plan ahead prior to gathering for the holidays

Vanderbilt University Medical Center infectious disease experts advise this is the season to think very wisely about planned get-togethers.

COVID testing recommended for flu-like symptoms

Vanderbilt physicians recommend COVID testing for people who think they may have the flu because the symptoms for both infections overlap.

Infection Prevention team likens pandemic to an ultramarathon

“We always say that infection prevention is everyone’s business, and the pandemic reflects that.”

Video: How to safely gather at the holidays — advice from Vanderbilt experts

Are there safe ways to see our family and friends during this COVID holiday season? Some advice on how to celebrate with care.

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