January 15, 1999

A message to Vanderbilt residents and Medical and Nursing students

A message to Vanderbilt residents and Medical and Nursing students

"The just-announced Meharry-Vanderbilt alliance and the proposed Vanderbilt management of Metropolitan Nashville General Hospital will benefit the education and training programs of both institutions and the care of the patients we serve.

"Vanderbilt residents and students (and faculty) will have the opportunity to train and participate in the care of patients hospitalized at General Hospital. This has historically been a very popular part of Vanderbilt's teaching programs.

"Vanderbilt residents and students will remain Vanderbilt. There will be no change in how we fill our residency and student positions. There may be an opportunity or need in the future to expand a few of our residency programs.

"Over the next three months, each of the Vanderbilt clinical department chairs and their training program directors will finalize the details of their departments' interaction with Meharry and General Hospital.

"I believe that the Vanderbilt-Meharry alliance and the new relationship with General Hospital will be a positive for both medical centers, the city of Nashville and the patients we serve. I also believe that in implementing these new relationships we will be faced with new challenges. It will take the good efforts of the entire Vanderbilt community to ensure that these challenges are met and that we are successful in our efforts."

Dr. Harry R. Jacobson, vice chancellor for Health Affairs