March 8, 2002

About this series…

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An artist’s rendering of the new building, facing 21st Avenue, adjacent to Medical Center East.

Over the next five weeks, the Reporter will present articles and photographs of faculty, staff and patients that make up the many and varied parts of the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center for Otolaryngology and the people whose lives are affected by it.

Main stories in the series are:

Week 1: The Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute takes people like Jacob Gray who have experienced brain traumas and helps piece their lives back together.

Week 2: Vanderbilt’s head and neck cancer service goes behind the faces of patients to remove what could be killing them.

Week 3: Ben Derryberry, an 8-year-old Columbia boy with autism, comes to the Pediatric Speech and Hearing program to learn how to communicate.

Week 4: Mary Anne Hoskins loved to sing in her church choir. Surgery and therapy at the Vanderbilt Voice Center help Hoskins find her voice again.

Week 5: Five-year-old Nikki Langston never heard a word…until she received a cochlear implant.