June 25, 2010

Academy for Excellence in Teaching adds members

Academy for Excellence in Teaching adds members

The Academy for Excellence in Teaching announced six new members for 2010.

The newest members include: Daniel Byrne, M.S., senior associate in Biostatistics and Medicine; William Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., professor of Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine and an associate director within the Masters of Public Health Program; Cynthia Gadd, Ph.D., MBA, associate professor and director of Educational Programs in Biomedical Informatics; Scott Pearson, M.D., associate professor of Surgery; Tyler Reimschisel, M.D., director of the Division of Developmental Medicine and assistant program director for the Pediatric Residency Program; and Lynn Webb, Ph.D., assistant vice chancellor for Health Affairs, and assistant professor of Medical Education & Administration.

The Academy for Excellence in Teaching held its annual dinner on May 4 honoring Jeanette Norden, Ph.D, as this year's recipient of the John Chapman Award.

The new members were recognized and presented with awards for their exemplary contributions to the educational enterprise at Vanderbilt.

The Academy's role is devoted to the following:
• Promote educational scholarship throughout the Medical Center;
• Improve teaching effectiveness in lectures, small groups, in the research setting and at the bedside in conjunction with the Office of Teaching and Learning in Medicine;
• Provide junior faculty with mentorship in teaching and guide them through the promotions and tenure process;
• Promote objective study of unique teaching styles, programs and interactive media;
• Serve as an advocate for educators and education and examine compensation as it relates to specific faculty responsibilities;
• Recruit and foster the training of applicants for the Academy from all ranks within the School of Medicine; and
• Help faculty establish educator portfolios.

For more information, contact Lillian Nanney, Ph.D., at lillian.nanney@Vanderbilt.Edu.