October 10, 2003

AIDS research project applications sought

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Dr. Steven G. Gabbe. Dean Dixon

Applications being are sought by the Vanderbilt-Meharry Center for AIDS Research Development Core to fund Interdisciplinary HIV/AIDS Research Projects and for New HIV/AIDS Pilot Projects.

Up to $50,000 per year will be awarded for up to two years for projects involving two or more investigators from different disciplines.

Teams that include faculty at Meharry and Vanderbilt are encouraged. The goal is to enable subsequent submission of new grant applications to NIH.

For further information, contact Renae Speck, CFAR Program Manager at rene.speck@vanderbilt.edu or 322-6126, Philip Browning, Director of the CFAR Developmental Core at philip.browning@vanderbilt.edu or 936-1918; Timothy Sterling at timothy.sterling@vanderbilt.edu or 322-5977; visit www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/cfar.