April 19, 2012

Awards recognize best in patient satisfaction

Awards recognize best in patient satisfaction

Vanderbilt University Medical Center providers and teams with exceptional patient satisfaction scores have won 14 Top Performer Awards and 212 5-Star Awards in the 2012 Excellence in Healthcare Awards, sponsored by Professional Research Consultants Inc., Vanderbilt's patient satisfaction surveyor.

“We are once again very grateful to all our award winners for their service, and for helping to keep patient satisfaction at the core of our patient care mission,” said David Posch, CEO of Vanderbilt University Hospital and Clinics.

PRC conducts surveys of patient attitudes for hundreds of hospitals and health systems.

The company's annual awards are based on a single survey question asking patients to rate the care they've received from a team or an individual provider.

Awards are based on how often respondents gave a rating of excellent on the survey question.

Top Performer Awards go to individuals and teams who score in the 100th percentile within their clinical discipline or service category and 5-Star Awards go to those who score within the 90th to 99th percentiles.

“Congratulations and thanks to these providers and teams who’ve helped make patient and family satisfaction a hallmark of our service at Children’s Hospital and clinics,” said Luke Gregory, CEO of the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.

This year’s awards are based on survey responses from 2011.

Not all individuals and groups at VUMC were eligible for awards. PRC limits eligibility for 5-Star Awards to individuals and groups having 50 or more survey responses over the previous year, and limits eligibility for Top Performer Awards to individuals with 50 or more survey responses and groups with 100 or more responses.

PRC 2012 Top Performer Award, individual winners

John Dixon Jr., M.D.
Charles Rush, M.D.
William Russell, M.D.
Mavis Schorn, Ph.D., CNM-BC

PRC 2012 Top Performer Award, team winners

• 11 North — Vanderbilt University Hospital
• 11 South — VUH
• Adolescent Unit — Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital
• Clinical Research Center — Inpatient, VUH
• Medical Center East Operative Services
• Medical Intensive Care Unit — VUH
• Pediatric Cardiology — Inpatient, Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
• Pediatric Cardiology Outpatient Echo Lab — Children’s Hospital
• Pediatric Diagnostic Radiology — Children’s Hospital
• Speech-Language Pathology Clinic
• Pulmonary Function Testing Lab.

PRC 2012 5-Star Award, individual winners

Cindy Kate Anderson, FNP
Christine Allocco, FNP
Alison Barlow, MSN, WHNP
Robert Daniel Beauchamp, M.D.
Alan Andrew Bremer, M.D.
Margaret H. Buxton, MSN, CNM-BC
Tamara L. Callahan, M.D.
Kristin Campbell, CRNP
Audrey Jane Case, DNP-FNP
Geoffrey Chidsey, M.D.
Sallaya Chinratanalab, M.D.
Chan Y. Chung, M.D.
Andre Lemont Churchwell, M.D.
Keith B. Churchwell, M.D.
Walter K. Clair, M.D.
Thomas Cleveland, Ph.D.
Michael K. Cooper, M.D.
Sarah Cribbs, M.D.
Thomas L. Davis, M.D.
Thomas P. Doyle, M.D.
James A. Duncavage, M.D.
Roland D. Eavey, MD, SM
Mary E. Egger, CRNP
Tom A. Elasy, M.D.
Brian George Englehardt, M.D.
Michael Craig Ferrell, M.D.
Susan Ficken, FNP-BC
Frank A. Fish, M.D.
Michael J. Fowler, M.D.
Catherine Gaelyn Garrett, M.D.
Sunil Koshy Geevarghese, M.D.
Michael Alan Gold, M.D.
Stacey A. Goodman, M.D.
Ana Magdalena Grau, M.D.
Jennifer Kiser Green, M.D.
John P. Greer, M.D.
Marie R. Griffin, M.D.
Kevin F. Haas, M.D.
Helen Hatfield, CRNP
J. Harold Helderman, M.D.
Alan J. Herline, M.D.
Paula Christine Herrmann, M.D.
Rob R. Hood, M.D.
Tara Mosley Huss, M.D.
Madan Harikishin Jagasia, M.D.
Howard W. Jones III, M.D.
Paul Sternberg, Jr., M.D.
Melissa Rae Kaufman, M.D.
Ann Kavanaugh-McHugh, M.D.
Karl Bradley Kehler, O.D.
Lori Ann Kehler, O.D.
Mark C. Kelley, M.D.
John E. Kuhn, M.D.
Emily Graham Kurtz, M.D.
John T. Lee, M.D.
Connie Lewis, CRNP
Christopher D. Lind, M.D.
Catherine Russell Linn, M.D.
Arnold W. Malcolm, M.D.
Ingrid A. Mayer, M.D.
William H. Maynard, M.D.
Mary R. McDowell, APRN-BC
Lisa A. Mendes, M.D.
Ingrid M. Meszoely, M.D.
David S. Morgan, M.D.
Sandra A. Moutsios, M.D.
Roberta Lee Muldoon, M.D.
Barbara A. Murphy, M.D.
Jennifer Nalle, CRNP
John H. Nadeau, M.D.
Anne T. Neff, M.D.
James L. Netterville, M.D.
Anne E. O'Duffy, M.D.
William Todd Obremskey, M.D.
Scott R. Parker, M.D.
Jason Kyle Pereira, M.D.
Roman Edward Perri, M.D.
Anna Kristine Person, M.D.
Jan E. Price, M.D.
Joe B. Putnam, Jr., M.D.
Stephen P. Raffanti, M.D.
David S. Raiford, M.D.
Mark A. Robbins, M.D.
Russell L. Rothman, M.D.
Henry Paul Russell, M.D.
Heidi M. Schaefer, M.D.
Sandra S. Seidel, CRNP
William E. Serafin, M.D.
John S. Sergent, M.D.
Jonathan G. Shoenecker, M.D.
Joseph A. Smith, Jr., M.D.
Deborah A. Snedegar, CRNP
W. Anderson Spickard, III, M.D.
David Francis Street, M.D.
S. Bobo Tanner, M.D.
James W. Thomas, M.D.
Reid C. Thompson, M.D.
Andrea Lynn Utz, M.D.
Julianne H. Wagnon, CRNP
Douglas R. Weikert, M.D.
Bobby J. White, M.D.
Mark A. Wigger, M.D.
Todd Ray Wurth, M.D.
David X. Zhao, M.D.
John A. Zic, M.D.

PRC 2012 5-Star Award, team winners

Broad groups:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center – Outpatient
VUH Inpatient
VUH Outpatient Technical
Children’s Hospital – Inpatient
Children’s Hospital Outpatient Surgery
Pediatric Emergency

Inpatient units:

4 South – VUH
5 South CVPCU – Vanderbilt Heart & Vascular Institute (VHVI)
6 South Cardiac Step-down – VHVI
Cardiovascular Observation Unit – VHVI
6B Hematology and Oncology – Children’s Hospital
7A Infant Medicine – Children’s Hospital
7B Toddler Medicine – Children’s Hospital
8B School Age/Adolescent Surgery and Trauma – Children’s Hospital
8 South – VUH
9 South General Surgery – VUH
Adult Unit 3 – VPH

Outpatient surgery:

Gynecologic Surgery
Nashville Surgery Center
Otolaryngology Surgery Perioperative Services
Pediatric Urology Surgery Perioperative Services
Cool Springs Surgery Center

Outpatient technical:

Audiology Clinic – Medical Center East
Audiology Clinic – Doctor’s Office Tower
Clinical Research Center – Outpatient
Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Franklin Physical Therapy
National Center for Childhood Deafness Audiology Clinic
Nuclear Medicine
Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Otolaryngology Speech Therapy
Pediatric Heart Station
Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Pediatric Radiology Ultrasound
Pediatric Speech-Language Clinic, Doctor's Office Tower
Phototherapy Clinic
Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute ¬Physical Therapy
Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute ¬Speech-Language Pathology Clinic
Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute ¬Wheelchair Clinic
Preoperative Evaluation Center – One Hundred Oaks
Preoperative Evaluation Center – The Vanderbilt Clinic
Radiology Breast Center at One Hundred Oaks
Radiology CT Non-Neuro
Radiology MRI Neuro
Radiology Ultrasound
St. Thomas Audiology
VHVI Cardiac Cath Lab
VHVI Cardiac Echo Lab at MCE
VHVI Cardiac MRI
VHVI Vascular Lab
VMG Marriott Sleep Lab
Vanderbilt-Williamson Rheumatology Infusion


Adolescent and Young Adult Health Referral Clinic
Breast Center at One Hundred Oaks – DeWire
Center for Women's Health Fetal Care Center
Center for Women's Health Specialty Group – Cool Springs
Center for Women's Health Specialty Group – One Hundred Oaks
Colon and Rectal Surgery Clinic
Cool Springs Oncology Clinic
Cool Springs Podiatry
Depression Research Clinic
Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition IBD Clinic
Endocrine Clinic
General Surgery Breast Center at One Hundred Oaks
General Surgery Clinic
GI Liver Transplant Clinic
Green Hills Practice
Gynecologic Oncology Practice
Hematology – Stem Cell Transplant Clinic
Hematology Clinic
Hillsboro Medical Group
Midwifery Practice West End
Neuro Oncology Clinic
Neuro Stroke Clinic – TVC
Neurotology Clinic at St. Thomas
Neurotology Clinic at Vanderbilt
Nurse Practitioners Medical Center East Clinic – VHVI
Oncology Clinic
Ophthalmology Eye Treatment Room
Otolaryngology Speech Therapy
Pediatric Arrhythmia Clinic
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Clinic
Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
Pediatric Diabetes Clinic
Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic Cool Springs
Pediatric Hematology Clinic
Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic
Renal Transplant Clinic
Rheumatology Clinic at Green Hills
Senior Assessment Clinic
The Vanderbilt Breast Center – Medical Oncology Practice
The Vanderbilt Breast Center – Surgery Practice and Family Cancer Risk Service
The Voice Center
The Voice Center – Spasmodic Dysphonia
Transplant Psychology Clinic
University Pediatrics
Vanderbilt Center for Surgical Weight Loss
Vanderbilt Heart Cardiology and NPs – One Hundred Oaks
Vanderbilt Heart, MCE Cardiology
Vanderbilt Heart, MCE Nurse Practitioners Clinic
Vanderbilt Internal Medicine Suite I
Vanderbilt Internal Medicine Suite III
Vanderbilt Internal Medicine Suite IV
VHVI Arrhythmia
VHVI at One Hundred Oaks
VHVI Heart Failure Clinic