June 1, 2001

Board of Trust approves new appointments, promotions

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The Board of Trust approved the following faculty actions:

New Appointments

Dr. Robert L. Macdonald, professor of Neurology and chair of the department.


Dr. Mark E. Anderson, associate professor of Medicine and associate professor of Pharmacology.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Balser, professor of Anesthesiology and professor of Pharmacology.

Emeritus Promotions

Dr. William C. Alford, professor of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery, emeritus.

Dr. John E. Chapman, Dean of the School of Medicine, emeritus; professor of Medical Administration, emeritus; and professor of Pharmacology, emeritus.

Judy Jean Chapman, M.N., R.N., senior associate in Emergency Medicine, as professor of Nursing, emerita.

Dr. Gottlieb C. Friesinger, professor of Medicine, emeritus.

Dr. Lewis B. Lefkowitz, professor of Preventive Medicine, emeritus.

Dr. John N. Lukens, professor of Pediatrics, emeritus.

Judith A. Rassi, M.A., associate professor of Hearing and Speech Sciences, emerita.

Peter W. Reed, Ph.D., associate professor of Pharmacology, emeritus.

Dr. Robert E. Richie, professor of Surgery, emeritus.