December 19, 2008

Brandes to lead Creative Services

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Betsy Brandes

Brandes to lead Creative Services

Betsy Brandes has been named director of Creative Services and Web Development for Vanderbilt Medical Center.

The new office merges Creative Services, Web Development and The Medical Art Group under the Marketing Department. Photography services are now under the Office of News and Public Affairs.

“There is now one place to go for all graphic and Web needs,” Brandes said. “This will help us maintain the integrity of the graphic standards and maximize efficiency by pooling our resources.”

Brandes, who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from Boston University, has served as creative director of The Medical Art Group since January. She previously held design management positions at Boston College, DoubleTake Community Service Corp. and The Atlantic Monthly.

“We brought Betsy here from Boston about a year ago to support our design team,” said Joel Lee, associate vice chancellor for Medical Center Communications. “She has proven to be a great designer, but more importantly, a great leader. We have put together a couple of separate units within the communications team who have design roles and consolidated them under Betsy.”

“I am looking forward to bringing these teams together,” Brandes said. “We have tremendous personnel with great talent.”

Brandes said she plans to leverage the latest Web technologies to help the department meet its marketing goals.

“We are really excited to have Betsy in this role,” said Jill Austin, chief marketing officer of Medical Center Communications. “She brings a depth of experience in creative directing, and she has a wonderful eye for design. Betsy also brings a collaborative leadership style to the role, and she has a vision for taking Creative Services and Web Development to the next level.”