February 14, 1997

Cadaver Ball 1997- Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Cadaver Ball 1997- Grimm's Fairy Tales

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King Arthur, otherwise known as Dean John Chapman the rest of the year, kicked off this year's Cadaver Ball, whose theme was Grimm's Fairy Tales

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First-year medical students were regaled with tales from the brothers Grimm

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Shovel Award winner Dr. Corey Slovis and his wife, Dr. Bonnie Slovis

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The fourth-year medical students on parade.

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine students let their stethoscopes down Saturday night at the Cadaver Ball at Opryland Hotel. Though Dean John Chapman was adorned in Arthurian garb, the theme was Grimm's Fairy Tales, with the students satirically warping everything from "Little Red Riding Hood" to "Hard Copy."