September 30, 2005

Carpenter lands CANDLE Award

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Robert Carpenter, M.D.

Carpenter lands CANDLE Award

Robert Carpenter, M.D., a resident in General Surgery, was chosen by students for this month's CANDLE (Caring, Advocating, Nurturing, Determination, Leadership and Empathy) Award.

The honor is given to individuals who have devoted themselves to teaching and mentoring.

Recipients are nominated and chosen based upon their positive impact on the lives of physicians-in-training, and are recognized by their students as examples of excellence in medical education.

“To the first-year medical student there is nothing more daunting than the anatomy lab,” one of his nominators wrote. “Enter Dr. Carpenter. Beyond his depth of knowledge, he brings what I believe are the most important characteristics for any teacher: patience and passion. How incredibly tiring it must be to explain the brachial plexus to 104 students time and time again, but he does it without a word edgewise and even volunteers to be in the lab on the weekends.

“All of the students speak very highly of Dr. Carpenter and are grateful for his efforts and his attention.”