August 23, 1996

Construction to impact pedestrian, vehicle traffic

Construction to impact pedestrian, vehicle traffic

Construction work that impacts both pedestrians and drivers is currently under way in the area of the Capers Garage and parking lot 42.

The work is being done to make necessary changes in storm sewer lines and power lines in preparation for a proposed expansion of the garage. Planning and coordination efforts have been made to minimize the traffic impacts and to provide a safe, protected pathway from the Capers Garage through the work areas.

The initial project includes the rerouting of high-voltage power lines and the removal of an unused storm drain which runs through the proposed construction area. This initial site work is considered to be the "roughest" part of the project and is set to be completed by Oct. 21.

The following items are related to the relocation of the power lines by Nashville Electric Service:

€ Street parking on both sides of Capers Avenue will be eliminated for various lengths of time from Aug. 27 – Oct. 7

€ The south side of Capers Avenue will be blocked off approximately 10 feet from the curb to provide space for NES during power line relocation. Single lane, two-way traffic will be maintained

€ Temporary power installations to prevent power interruption are being coordinated with all affected users

The following items are related to removal of the storm drain:

€ The traffic flow along Pierce Avenue between 23rd and 24th avenues will have restricted two-way traffic

€ The Capers Garage entrance at Pierce Avenue will be closed. The garage will then be entered only through either the Capers Avenue or 24th Avenue entrances

€ Pedestrians from the Capers Garage will be routed through a covered and protected walkway around the east end of the work area which will terminate at a temporary crosswalk across Pierce Avenue

€ Shuttle service for the garage will be handled from the 24th Avenue entrance

€ A large section of lot 42 will be used by the contractors, limiting the number of parking spaces available for patients and visitors.