June 27, 2003

Conture honored by national organization

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Sheila Ridner, M.S.N. helps study participant Mazo Freeman put a compression garment on her arm to help reduce the swelling from lymphedema and prevent further damage. In some patients, the compression sleeve has to be worn all day. Freeman has been diagnosed with lymphedema in her left arm. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Edward Conture, Ph.D., professor of Hearing and Speech Sciences and John F. Kennedy Center Investigator, was named the recipient of the 2003 Malcolm Fraser Award for Excellence of The Stuttering Foundation.

“His record of contribution to our field and the people we are so intent on helping indicates a scope of ability and accomplishment that is astonishing,” said Walter Manning, Ph.D., associate professor and dean at The University of Memphis, in recommending Conture for the prize. “He has a long history of inspiring students and colleagues with his energy, enthusiasm, and excellence. His insight and style are refreshing and contagious.”

The award was presented at the Annual Division 4 Leadership Conference in St. Louis on April 25.

Conture is the author of more than 100 journal articles, books, book chapters, monographs and commercial-grade videos dealing with stuttering, especially in early childhood. His text, “Stuttering, Its Nature, Diagnosis and Treatment,” now in its third edition, is considered one of the most thought-provoking texts in the field. To date, Conture has presented more than 250 scholarly papers/poster presentations, short courses, mini-seminars, and workshops to professional and scholarly conferences throughout Australia, North America and Europe. He has served as editorial consultant to numerous professional journals, and is sought-after by national news services for his expertise about stuttering.