December 14, 2001

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic opens

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Dr. MacRae Linton

The Vanderbilt Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery opened in November on the sixth floor of Medical Center East, providing consultations and procedures.

With two operating rooms, the facility accommodates all cosmetics cases: face lifts, breast lifts and enhancement, liposuction, eye lid surgery, cosmetic nasal surgery, etc. These surgical services are complemented by a full-time esthetician providing specialized skin care (micro peals, microderm abrasions).

“These cosmetic surgery patients naturally expect a nice, pleasant experience, and we now have a place where we can give them that experience,” said Dr. R. Bruce Shack, professor and chair of Plastic Surgery.

While Vanderbilt has long offered cosmetic surgery, the center marks a new commitment to attract more patients. Marketing in support of the new center will begin next year, and Shack expects the clinic to be operating at full capacity within 12 months.

Vanderbilt surgeons providing cosmetic procedures include plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists and ophthalmologists. To refer patients to the Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, call 6-2700. Plastic surgery will continue to see reconstructive cases at its TVC location.