September 5, 2003

Crankshaw picked to lead expanded NICU system

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Jim Shmerling

Crankshaw picked to lead expanded NICU system

Marlee Crankshaw, RN, MSN, formerly a Case Manager in NICU, has been appointed Manager of NICU and Newborn Service. The change was effective Sept. 1. Marlee has been employed at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for 20 years.

“Marlee was enthusiastically supported by many of her colleagues and we’re thrilled to have her in this role,” said assistant administrator, director of nursing for VCH Debbie Arnow. “She has such a variety of experiences in the NICU it will give strength to her position.”

Diane Deslauriers, RN, manager of newborn and prenatal education will manage the NICU in the adult facility after Neonatal Intensive Care services expands into the new Monroe Carrel Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

“She’s going to be a great help and a wonderful leader for the unit that will remain here,” said Dr. William Walsh, Professor of Pediatrics and Chief of Nurseries.

There will be two neonatal intensive care Units (NICUs) on the Vanderbilt campus; one with 60 beds at the new hospital and the other with 10 beds at its current site, down a corridor built to connect the two. The overall number of beds at VCH and VUH will grow from 58 to 70.