July 21, 2006

Date set for Magnet site visit

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Date set for Magnet site visit

The long-anticipated Magnet Recognition site visit is scheduled for Sept. 13-16.

During that time, four appraisers from the American Nurses' Credentialing Center (ANCC) will visit every unit and department to gauge Vanderbilt University Medical Center's nursing staff in 14 specific areas.

“We are so honored our work has been recognized with a site visit,” said Marilyn Dubree, M.S.N., R.N., chief nursing officer. “Our rich Vanderbilt history, culture and the extra effort from so many individuals have gotten us to this stage.”

The site visit is designed by the ANCC to understand the medical center's culture by listening to as many of the nursing and hospital staff as possible. The appraisers are working with VUMC administration to develop a pre-planned schedule allowing them to visit all units and clinics and to participate in several separate gatherings with a wider cross-section of staff. The week will culminate with a town hall meeting open to everyone in the medical center.

“The Magnet document we submitted recently told our story, and the visit is our chance to make that story come alive,” said Sabrina Downs, director VUMC Magnet Recognition program. “It has taken a lot of planning and preparation, but the site visit should be fun. We are a top quality institution and this is our chance to shine.”

Only 200 of the nation's 5,567 hospitals have earned the ANCC's Magnet Recognition. In the coming weeks, VUMC will be distributing additional information about the 14 Forces of Magnetism, hosting various speakers' bureaus and posting updates on the Magnet Web site at www.vanderbiltmagnet.com.