May 12, 2011

Deadline is here for all to update ID badge information

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New Vanderbilt ID badges will take advantage of updated technology and enhanced security features.

The deadline for updating your Vanderbilt ID badge information is here.
Today, Friday, May 13, is the last day for this required update.

This summer, all VUMC faculty, staff and employed students will receive new identification badges that take advantage of updated technology and enhanced security.

Here is what you need to know and do:

• Verify the information that will be displayed on your badge, including name, department title and credentials, by visiting
This should take no longer than three minutes.

• Your supervisor and VUMC leadership will verify your updated information before the badges are printed to ensure consistency in titling across the organization.

• Once the new badges have been reprinted, your supervisor will provide information on receiving your new badge and returning your old one.
To ensure that old badges are no longer in circulation, you must turn in your old badge.

• A helpline is available at 936-7026.