September 16, 2005

Deadline set to change e-passwords

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photo by Ty Webb

Staff, faculty and students who have not yet changed their e-passwords following July's breach of Vanderbilt's computer network have until Sept. 26 to do so.

At that time, Vanderbilt's ITS department will disable network and online access for all Medical Center and University users whose passwords have not been changed.

This is being done to ensure the integrity of the information that is maintained, stored and transmitted on the Vanderbilt network.

While most users changed their passwords after being notified of the network security breach nearly two months ago, there are still a few who have not yet done so.

To change an e-password, go to, select “change it,” and follow the instructions.

For those still using the older V-password, go to the same address, select “create an e-password,” and follow the instructions.

Those who lose access on Sept. 26 must create a new password by going to and selecting “create an e-password.”

For more information or assistance, call the VUMC Help Desk at 343-3HELP or the University ITS Help Desk at 343-1631.