May 30, 2008

Delbeke elected to leadership

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Dominique Delbeke, M.D., Ph.D.

Delbeke elected to leadership

Dominique Delbeke, M.D., Ph.D., professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences and director of Nuclear Medicine and Positron Emission Tomography, has been elected vice president-elect of the Society of Nuclear Medicine.

The 16,000-member international society is dedicated to improving health care by advancing molecular imaging and therapy.

“SNM is the leading professional society in this field with the mission of bringing these new technologies and biomarkers to the bedside to improve patient care,” Delbeke said.

The vice-president elect of the SNM, after two years, ascends to the office of president. Vanderbilt's Martin Sandler, M.B., Ch.B., was SNM's vice president-elect in 2004 and president in 2006. The fact that Vanderbilt has produced two SNM presidents within four years of each other indicates marked excellence in nuclear medicine, according to Delbeke.

“I have known and worked with Martin since 1986 when he recruited me to the nuclear medicine residency program at Vanderbilt. I am very grateful to Martin, who is my mentor and showed me the way to leadership. ” Delbeke said.

Delbeke earned her medical degree and doctorate from the Free University of Brussels in Belgium. She came to Vanderbilt in 1986 to complete residencies in Nuclear Medicine and Pathology. Prior to Vanderbilt, she completed a residency in Clinical Pathology at the Free University as well as postdoctoral work in Pharmacology and a residency in Anatomical Pathology at Yale's New Haven Hospital. During her time at Vanderbilt, she has garnered an international reputation for expertise in nuclear medicine.

Delbeke has authored seven books, 106 peer-reviewed papers, and 62 book chapters. She sits on the editorial board of five journals and is a member of numerous national and international committees.