October 22, 1999

DuBois to head NCI panel on colorectal cancer research

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Dr. Raymond DuBois Jr.

DuBois to head NCI panel on colorectal cancer research

Dr. Raymond N. DuBois Jr., Mina Cobb Wallace Professor of Cancer Prevention and director of Gastroenterology, has been named co-chair of a National Cancer Institute panel to outline priorities in colorectal cancer research.

DuBois, along with Dr. Bernard Levin of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, is co-chair of the Colorectal Cancer Progress Review Group, which includes prominent members of the scientific, medical, industrial and advocacy communities.

The NCI, one of the National Institutes of Health and the leading supporter of cancer research in the United States, has established Progress Review Groups to assess the fields of research for specific cancers and to recommend a plan to move research forward.

The Colorectal Cancer Progress Review Group is the third in this series, following similar groups on breast and prostate cancer.

DuBois is the second representative of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center to co-chair a Progress Review Group.

Dr. Harold L. Moses, Benjamin F. Byrd Jr. Professor of Oncology and director of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, was co-chair of the Progress Review Group on Breast Cancer, which reported its findings earlier this year.

The Progress Review Group on Colorectoral Cancer is expected to present its report next summer.

DuBois has also been named to a seven-member scientific advisory board of the new National Colorectal Alliance, a private organization spearheaded by NBC's Katie Couric to raise awareness of colorectal cancer and funding to support research.