September 21, 2007

elevate Answering the Tough Questions

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Medical Center leadership answers the tough questions about what the elevate program is and what it means for the people who work at VUMC.

Question: Sometimes, seemingly well qualified applicants don't get past HR's screening process. How can we ensure that we receive notice of qualified applicants for jobs in our department?

Answer: I'm happy to have an opportunity to clarify some familiar misperceptions about the recruitment process and the role of recruiters.

Under the Vanderbilt Affirmative Action Plan, each position must be posted for a minimum of five days. Certain postings, in particular those for entry-level positions, may attract as many as 20 applicants per day who meet the minimum qualifications.

The recruiter and the hiring official are partners in a search for the best available talent. The recruiter evaluates the entire pool of candidates and forwards only the most qualified to the hiring official, saving the official from having to review and complete a report on all minimally qualified candidates.

The key to forming a successful partnership with your recruiter is communication. The more your recruiter knows about the competencies for success for the posted position the more accurate their judgment will be when evaluating candidates.

Candidates who contact a hiring official directly should be instructed to follow the established recruitment process, applying through Jobline at Requiring applications through Jobline is essential to ensure compliance with EEOC and other legal requirements.

I appreciate that VUMC employees are our top source for referrals of job candidates, so when you refer a friend for an opening, please be sure to ask him or her to apply online.

I encourage you to meet with your recruiter regarding needs for your department. You can reach Medical Center Recruitment at 322-2116.

— Bridgette Willette, director of Human Resources