October 5, 2007

elevate Answering the Tough Questions

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Medical Center leadership answers the tough questions about what the elevate program is and what it means for the people who work at VUMC.

QUESTION: Vanderbilt's tuition benefit is great, but isn't helpful for employees who do not have children. Why isn't it offered to employees and their spouses, as well as to the children of employees, so that each employee has an opportunity to benefit?

ANSWER: As this question indicates, some staff and faculty are still not aware that Vanderbilt expanded tuition benefits for employees a few years ago. The benefit today can substantially assist staff and faculty in completing the undergraduate, graduate or professional program of their choosing. In addition, the benefit is quite valuable for spouses who want to take courses at Vanderbilt.

Here's a quick comparison of the tuition benefits that apply to full-time employees, spouses and same sex domestic partners, and to the children of employees:

• Children can receive 70 percent of total tuition costs; employees can receive 70 percent reimbursement for one course per semester; and spouses can receive a 47 percent discount for one course per semester at Vanderbilt;

• While children are limited to eight semesters, there is no limit for employees and spouses;

• While spouses are limited to courses offered at Vanderbilt, both children and employees may enroll at any accredited college or university in the country.

For more information, see the HR Web site at http://hr.vanderbilt.edu/policies/hr-013.pdf.

— Jane Bruce, director, HR benefits administration