August 10, 2007

Eye Institute teams with local practice

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Daniel Weikert, M.D.

Eye Institute teams with local practice

James Felch, M.D.

James Felch, M.D.

Mark Kroll, M.D.

Mark Kroll, M.D.

Eye Associates of Middle Tennessee has merged with the Vanderbilt Eye Institute, a move that will allow greater coordination of care and access with Vanderbilt physicians.

The merger brings with it three partnering physicians, 17 employees and offices in Franklin, Spring Hill, Nashville and Bellevue.

"All of us with the Vanderbilt Eye Institute are thrilled to be formally associated with Eye Associates, the preeminent ophthalmologic practice based in Williamson County,” said Paul Sternberg Jr., M.D., director of the Vanderbilt Eye Institute.

“This merger adds three experienced, comprehensive ophthalmologists to our faculty, while providing easy access for their patients to our talented sub specialists.

“We are excited that we have achieved a 'win-win' relationship for patients and physicians," Sternberg said.

Daniel Weikert, M.D., a partnering physician with Eye Associates of Middle Tennessee, said patients initially will see little change aside from the Vanderbilt name.

“The patients will continue to receive the excellent quality of care they have received in the past,” Weikert said. “They will also enjoy added benefits, such as appointment reminder calls.”

Weikert said Eye Associates of Middle Tennessee's physicians were excited to see the merger because it would help with care coordination with Vanderbilt's clinical team.

“We will be able to communicate with our patients' internists and specialists in a more efficient manner,” he explained.

“We will also have access to other specialists in the Vanderbilt family, as well as clinical trials for our patients.”

Other physician partners with Eye Associates of Middle Tennessee include James Felch, M.D., who founded the practice nearly 25 years ago, and Mark Kroll, M.D.