February 23, 2007

Fair helps employees fulfill safety requirements

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Fair helps employees fulfill safety requirements

Vanderbilt University Medical Center's staff Safety Fair runs continues today, Feb. 23, and Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 26 and 27, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., in the Learning Center in Medical Center North's round wing.

Work-safety training is among the annual requirements that staff must complete before job performance evaluations are considered complete. Much hinges on completed performance evaluations, including annual salary adjustments (made in July) and Medical Center accreditation.

A poster spelling out the annual staff requirements is available on the VUMC Learning Center Web site — go to www.vanderbiltlearningcenter.org, click Required Training, then Safety Fair, then Poster and List of Annual Requirements.

According to the VUMC Occupational Health Clinic, all Medical Center employees must take an annual TB skin test. In addition to work safety, all VUMC staff need to complete separate training modules about patient privacy, conflict of interest and standards of conduct. There are additional requirements for staff who work with patients and staff who work in laboratories.

Anyone who's unsure what's required should ask his or her supervisor.

Many of the requirements can be completed or partially completed online. Part of the annual work-safety requirement can be completed at www.vandysafe.com. Other requirements can be completed at www.webinservice.com/vanderbilt/.