November 17, 2006

Fellow’s abstract wins basic science award

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Siam Oottamasathien, M.D.

Fellow’s abstract wins basic science award

An abstract by Siam Oottamasathien, M.D., a second-year fellow in the Division of Pediatric Urology, won first place in the Basic Science Award category from the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) Section on Urology.

The award, which recognizes the best abstract submitted to the Section on Urology in clinical research or basic science, was presented recently at the AAP's annual national conference and exhibition in Atlanta.

Oottamasathien is the first author of the paper “Urothelial Inhibition of TGF-beta in a Bladder Tissue Recombination Model.”

Co-authors are Karin Williams, Ph.D.; Omar Franco, M.D.; Marcia Wills, M.D.; John Thomas, M.D.; Ali Reza Sharif-Afshar; Neil Bhowmick, Ph.D..; Simon Hayward, Ph.D.; Romano Thomas DeMarco, M.D.; John Brock III, M.D.; and John Pope IV, M.D.

The award-winning paper was an expansion of work published in the October issue of Developmental Dynamics that looked at new models for bladder development and the role that TGF-beta plays in urothelial cell health. The conclusions demonstrated that it is a growth inhibitor and that future therapeutic targets that halt TGF-beta signaling may lead to improved bladder tissue regeneration for tissue rehabilitation purposes.