January 14, 2005

Frisse to hold Accenture chair

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Mark Frisse, M.D.

Frisse to hold Accenture chair

Mark Frisse, M.D., professor of Biomedical Informatics, has been named to hold the Accenture Endowed Chair. The chair acknowledges Frisse's research efforts, as well as those of the Vanderbilt Center for Better Health and the Department of Biomedical Informatics, to solve pressing health care problems through information technology and biomedical informatics.

David P. Osborn, Ph.D., executive director for the Vanderbilt Center for Better Health, said Frisse's academic and for-profit experience make him a good fit for the position.

“Not only does Dr. Frisse understand the realities of clinical care and how IT (information technology) can change the way we practice medicine, he also brings a business savvy that enables him to evaluate the value of health care innovation from a wide range of stakeholder perspectives,” he said.

Frisse joined the faculty at Vanderbilt in July 2004 as director of Regional Informatics Programs for the Vanderbilt Center for Better Health. Previously, he was vice president with health care technology company First Consulting Group's clinical transformation practice, and before that, chief medical officer and vice president of clinical information services at Express Scripts.

Frisse received his medical and management degrees from Washington University, where he was also a professor and associate dean in the School of Medicine. He earned a master's degree in medical computer science from Stanford and is board certified in internal medicine.

Frisse said he is honored to receive the Accenture Endowed Chair, and he looks forward to actively pursuing his research to improve health care.

“The research and applied work we do at the Vanderbilt Center for Better Health identifies relevant innovations from outside the traditional health care sector and seeks to incorporate these innovations into better approaches to health care delivery and financing,” he said.

Frisse also directs the State of Tennessee's Volunteer eHealth Initiative Regional Health Demonstration Project funded by the Agency for Health Care Quality and Research (AHRQ). He leads elements of the AHRQ's Health Information Technology Resource Center, is a member of the Foundation for eHealth Initiative's Leadership Council and co-chairs a group overseeing regional health initiatives funded through the foundation's Connecting Communities for Better Health Program.

“We are privileged to support Dr. Frisse and the Vanderbilt Center for Better Health in their mission to conduct research that can lead to technological innovations that will enable health care practitioners to make the best and most timely decisions for their patients,” said Patricia O'Brien, M.D., a partner in Accenture's Health and Life Sciences practice.

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