September 22, 2011

Go for the Gold deadline set for Oct. 31

The deadline for Go for the Gold, Vanderbilt’s annual program to help employees learn their health risks and support risk reduction, is Monday, Oct. 31.

“Participating in Go for the Gold is important for many reasons in addition to the wellness credit,” said Lori Rolando, M.D., MPH, Health Plus medical director. To complete Go for the Gold, go to

This year’s Go for the Gold includes some changes to the Wellness Actions Log. Please note that you still only need to complete seven out of 10 actions to qualify for this step. The big change relates to the Wellness Categories Weight, Physical Activity and Blood Pressure, which, should you choose to complete them, require participation in Health Plus programs, specifically Know Your Numbers and Start!.

To check your Go for the Gold completion status, go to

To request help, contact Health Plus at or 343-8943.