June 1, 2001

Golfers, families given free screenings

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The BellSouth Senior Classic and Vanderbilt University Medical Center have teamed up to provide top senior tour players and their spouses an exclusive health evaluation program during the tournament.

During the week of the tourney that ends June 2, players and their wives participated in a comprehensive health assessment through Vanderbilt’s Kim Dayani Center.

“The BellSouth Senior Classic continues to develop its tournament program to bring the top Senior PGA Tour talent to Nashville,” said Jere Drummond, tournament vice chairman and vice chairman of BellSouth Corporation. “There are many tournaments to choose from and year after year the BellSouth Classic continues to attract the leading tour players because we create a truly exciting tournament environment by catering to both spectators and players.”

Because player schedules can be hectic during tournament week the Senior Tour players were able to participate in a comprehensive health screening on-site at Opryland’s Springhouse Golf Club. The evaluation included a personal wellness profile, blood test, personal report card and an individual feedback session with a Vanderbilt physician. There was also an opportunity to participate in a treadmill test, fat assessment, grip strength test and a prostate cancer screening.

Harry R. Jacobson, vice chancellor for Health Affairs at Vanderbilt, emphasized the importance of annual physical exams, particularly for those older than 50 years old.

“We’re not taking the place of their regular physician,” he said. “Instead we’re another resource the doctors can use to keep close tabs on the health of the players and their wives.”

Spouses also participated in a half-day assessment, held at the Dayani Center. This evaluation included physical exam, blood tests, health risk assessment, stress management session, counseling on lifestyle-related health issues and a treadmill stress test. The women also had the option of adding a fitness evaluation, mammogram, hearing test, eye exam and a massage.

“My husband and I participated in the health assessment program at Vanderbilt a few months ago and felt it was definitely worth our time,” said Wendy Fleisher, president of the Senior Tour Wives Association and wife of Bruce Fleisher, 1999 BellSouth Senior Classic winner.

“With approximately 45 tournaments held on the Senior tour, we’re on the road most of the year. Having the opportunity to take care of something as important as an annual physical while we’re traveling gives us one less thing to worry about during the time we do get to spend at home. “

The BellSouth Senior Classic, in its eighth year, is a premiere stop on the Senior PGA Tour. The tourney has donated a total of $1.3 million of local charities, making it one of the leading professional sports contributors to charities.