May 16, 2003

Graduate students embark on careers

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Joe Lopez, front, a graduate student in Virginia Shepherd's lab, received his Ph.D. in pathology, and Chris Lossin, a graduate student in Al George's lab, received his Ph.D. in neuoroscience, at the Graduate School ceremony last Friday. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Graduate students who made research discoveries in every corner of the Medical Center were honored at last week’s commencement ceremonies.

Forty-three students earned Doctor of Philosophy degrees in biomedical sciences in August, December, or May. Twenty-one of these students participated in the ceremony last week and received doctoral hoods — with dark blue velvet edging that signifies the Ph.D. degree — from their mentors or other departmental faculty members.

Graduate students interested in biomedical research enter the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP), and after a year of coursework and laboratory “rotations,” they choose research mentors and home departments. On average, students require about five years to earn the Ph.D. degree.

The majority of new graduates are continuing their research training as postdoctoral fellows.

Graduate students who received Ph.D. degrees:

May 2003

Kenneth David Bromberg, Biochemistry

Robert Learohn Caldwell, Pathology

David Truong Thanh Duong, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

Erin MacDonald Eaton, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

Vanessa Ann Thomas Fitsanakis, Neuroscience

Courtney Ann Greider, Cancer Biology

Zhaolin Hua, Molecular Biology

Bryan Edward Linggi, Biochemistry

Joseph Patrick Aquino Lopez, Pathology

Christoph Lossin, Neuroscience

Florence Louise Marlow, Molecular Biology

Erika Lynn Nurmi, Neuroscience

Joyce Ellen Ohm, Cancer Biology

Amy Elizabeth Sprowles, Biochemistry

Elizabeth Grace Tonkin, Pathology

William Hungliang Tu, Cancer Biology

Uri Aharon Vaknin, Cell & Developmental Biology

Molly Weaver, Cell & Developmental Biology

December 2002

Michelle Marie Becker, Microbiology & Immunology

Nikki Cheng, Cancer Biology

Amy Nicole Fox, Molecular Biology

Jennifer Jean Gentry, Neuroscience

Holli Beth Hutcheson, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

Christopher Lee Rife, Biochemistry

Christopher Stephen Rogers, Pharmacology

Jennifer Lee Scruggs, Neuroscience

Karen Elizabeth Strunk, Cell & Developmental Biology

Rodney Wayne Thompson, Pathology

Tracy Christine Vargo-Gogola, Cancer Biology

Amy M. Wilstermann, Biochemistry

Donald John Wyma, Microbiology & Immunology

August 2002

Michael Travis Christensen, Pharmacology

Bradley Kent Draper, Cell & Developmental Biology

Nancy Dumont, Cancer Biology

Walter Earl Gall, Molecular Biology

Dae-Woong Jo, Microbiology & Immunology

Jongho Lee, Pharmacology

Franklin McRay Mullins, Pharmacology

Joyce J. Ou, Neuroscience

John Andrew Schoenhard, Pharmacology

Heike Sellien, Neuroscience

Layton Harris Smith, Pharmacology

Robert Walter Tilghman, Pathology