December 20, 2002

Guengerich awarded honorary doctorate degree

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Frederick P. Guengerich, Ph.D., professor of Biochemistry and director of the Center in Molecular Toxicology, was presented an honorary doctorate from the Universite Rene Descartes (Paris 5) on Dec. 5 in Paris, France.

The honorary degree, known as the Docteur Honaris Causa, was awarded in recognition of his body of research in the areas of toxicology and biochemistry, as well as his efforts in training young scientists. Guengerich has had a particularly warm and fruitful history of collaborative research and intellectual exchange with French scientists.

“I am surprised and honored by this recognition,” he said. “I’ve had a number of people from France work in my lab and have developed productive collaborations. I’ve really enjoyed all of my associations with the French people.”

Guengerich was presented the honorary degree at the Sorbonne, site of the original University of Paris, which was founded in 1253.