April 28, 2006

Gunter lights up CANDLE Award

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Oliver Gunter, M.D.

Gunter lights up CANDLE Award

Oliver Gunter, M.D., a fellow in Critical Care and Trauma, was chosen by Vanderbilt University School of Medicine students for the most recent CANDLE (Caring, Advocating, Nurturing, Determination, Leadership and Empathy) Award.

The honor is given to individuals who have devoted themselves to teaching and mentoring.

Recipients are nominated and chosen based upon their positive impact on the lives of physicians-in-training, and are recognized by their students as examples of excellence in medical education.

“I never left a single day in the SICU without learning something from Dr. Gunter,” one of his nominators wrote. “In addition to morning rounds he spent countless hours giving mini-lectures on vents, pressors, evidence-based medicine and all things ICU.

“He did this without being asked or prompted. He's a natural teacher who seeks out the opportunity to spread knowledge. He even made active efforts to ensure that the third-year students who spent only one day on rounds left knowing more.

“He exhibited great patience in allowing us to participate in procedures; always with a wonderful, positive attitude that made this non-surgeon actually enjoy being in the surgical environment.

“Never in my third or fourth year did I learn as much from a single individual as I did from Dr. Gunter.”