July 22, 2005

Health Plus adds gold to its wellness incentive slate

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Frank Lee

Health Plus adds gold to its wellness incentive slate

Health Plus has unveiled the Gold Level, the third of its three levels of wellness incentives, said Stacey Kendrick, coordinator of health promotion.

Qualifying for the Gold level, available Aug. 1, consists of staff and faculty viewing three scenarios on health-related topics and answering questions about the topics, as well as doing their yearly Health Risk Assessment and the Wellness Actions Sheet, Kendrick said. Completion of the Gold level will result in a $20 wellness credit per month, meaning that staff and faculty who complete the Gold level will receive $240 annually.

Viewing of the Gold level scenarios can take place in three ways:

• Through the Health Plus Web site, via streaming video.

• By picking up a DVD of the scenarios at Health Plus to watch on a computer or at home.

• By attending a scheduled viewing on campus, at which, there will be healthy snacks involved. The following viewings are scheduled: Aug. 2 — from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Light Hall, room 208; and Aug. 10 — from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sarratt Cinema.

Staff and faculty can qualify for the Bronze level by completing a Health Risk Assessment or the Silver level by completing the Health Risk Assessment and taking action in five areas of wellness. Each level results in a monthly wellness credit on an employee's check — $10 for the Bronze level, $15 for the Silver or $20 for the Gold. Whichever level is chosen, it must be done annually, so, in order to continue receiving the wellness credit on your 2006 paycheck, you must re-qualify by Nov. 30.

For more information, visit Go For The Gold at: www.vanderbilt.edu/goforthegold or call 343-8943.