May 12, 2006

Health Plus moving facilities to Stadium Club space in October

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Photo by Anne Rayner

Health Plus moving facilities to Stadium Club space in October

Health Plus, the staff and faculty wellness program, will be moving from its longtime location in Memorial Gym to the present Vanderbilt Stadium Club, atop the Kensington Garage, on 25th Avenue South between Memorial Gym and the 2525 West End Building.

The move, which has a target date of Oct. 1, will increase the space of the facility from about 5,000 to almost 23,000 square feet.

The extra space will be used for a group fitness room, expanded locker rooms, a yoga room, and additional exercise equipment, said Marilyn Holmes, manager of Health Plus.

“Health Plus is 15 years old this year, and this state-of-the-art facility will be a wonderful birthday gift to all,” she said.

“With more space in this new facility, there will be many amenities added that will further enhance the increase in exercise that is occurring in our faculty and staff population. Exercise awareness has occurred in large part by more peole completing their Health Risk Assessments as a part of the Go For The Gold Program, and our exercise programs are booming.”

Mary Yarbrough, M.D., director of Health and Wellness, credits Lauren Brisky, vice chancellor for Administration and chief financial officer for the University, for making the new facility a reality.

“She introduced the idea to senior leadership, who gave the support necessary to make the new center a reality.

“This is truly 'top down' support for all of us wanting to achieve work/life balance,” Yarbrough said.

“Maintaining personal well being and balance of work and personal life is a way the elevate credo identifies to demonstrate professionalism. This move should help faculty and staff in achieving this goal.”