March 6, 2009

Health professions grad school fair set for March 11

Health professions grad school fair set for March 11

The third annual Health Professions Graduate School Fair will be held from 2-6 p.m., Wednesday, March 11 in the Vanderbilt University Student Life Center.

The fair will feature representatives from more than 55 schools and other health-related programs including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, public health, physical and occupational therapy and respiratory therapy.

Robert Baum, M.D., director of the Health Professions Advisory Office, said this is an opportunity to talk personally with recruiters from local, national and international programs.

“The benefit is having people physically there to talk to. They've seen an array of stories, and you can get validation for your personal story. It is an interaction you can't get just from a Web site,” he said.

The fair attracts undergraduates from Vanderbilt and other regional colleges, but Baum hopes VMC staff will also attend.

“This year, because of the economy and the seeming resistance of the health industry to economic woes, it occurred to me to market the fair to everyone in the community interested in continuing education in the health professions,” he said. “We've seen that as the economy gets worse, applications to professional schools go up.”
For more information, call Karen Laws at 322-2446.