September 7, 2001

Hillsboro Medical Group opens at Vanderbilt

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Meharry’s Shirley Russell, Ph.D., and Vanderbilt’s Dr. John Phillips are coordinating the grant to train genetic scientists. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Hillsboro Medical Group opens at Vanderbilt

With the recent arrival of the Hillsboro Medical Group (HMG), the Vanderbilt community has gained six new physicians.

Located on the sixth floor of Medical Center East, HMG recently opened its doors for the first time at VUMC, offering both primary care and specialty services to its patients.

“It is very exciting for us to return to Vanderbilt where we all received a key part of our training,” Dr. Craig R. Sussman, associate professor of Clinical Medicine, said. “We have all maintained close contact with the medical school, teaching students, and housestaff.”

Prior to their move to Vanderbilt, this group, which has been in existence for over 40 years, was located at Saint Thomas Health Services.

The practice is headed by senior partner Dr. Herman Kaplan, professor of Clinical Medicine. Four additional physicians were part of the group when it opened in July: Dr. Paul Barnett, associate professor of Clinical Medicine, Dr. Lee Parks, assistant professor of Clinical Medicine, Dr. Robert Miller, assistant professor of Clinical Medicine, and Sussman. On Aug. 1, Dr. Jan Price, assistant professor of Clinical Medicine, joined the original five after completing her chief residency at Vanderbilt.

“We are happy and excited to have her as a part of the group,” Carolyn Harmon, administrative officer, said.

All of the physicians in the Hillsboro Medical Group practice internal medicine, and three of the six have specialties in other areas as well. Sussman and Parks each have a focus in endocrinology, and Miller’s specialty is pulmonary medicine.

In addition to new facilities, Sussman said that he is looking forward to having access to the wealth of resources available to him and his patients at Vanderbilt. “In this day of so many advances in medicine, we feel very fortunate to be able to practice in such an innovative environment,” he said. “Our patients can benefit from the wide diversity of programs and physicians that are available at this major medical center. No matter what medical problems our patients may develop, there are experts available to help them.”