March 29, 2002

Hudson to join Anesthesiology

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Hudson to join Anesthesiology

Dr. Julie Hudson has accepted a position as assistant professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics, effective March 15. Hudson’s clinical interests and additional training focus on pediatric cardiac anesthesiology. Along with her clinical and academic roles at Vanderbilt, Hudson has accepted the newly created role of director of Development and Legislative Affairs for the department of Anesthesiology.

“Dr. Hudson’s combination of clinical skills is rare and valuable and will be critical to the success of Children’s Hospital in years to come,” said Dr. Jeffrey Balser, associate dean for Physician-Scientist Development and James Taloe Gwathmy Clinician-Scientist Chair of Anesthesiology. With the new Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital scheduled to open in October 2003, pediatric surgical volume is expected to double at Vanderbilt within four years. “She’s coming at exactly the right time,” Balser said.

In her non-clinical role Hudson will apply experience in development and legislative affairs to help the department build its endowment and extend its involvement in health care legislation. “We feel extremely fortunate to recruit someone with Dr. Hudson’s experience and skill set,” Balser said.

“Vanderbilt’s commitment to a new children’s facility is a tremendous opportunity,” Hudson said. “As for my non-clinical role, the department has all along envisioned extending its efforts toward development and legislative outreach, and with this new role we look forward to that commitment becoming more formalized.”

Hudson, who has held leadership posts with various practice groups in Missouri, was most recently a member of Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City. She earned her medical doctorate in 1990 from the University of Kansas; she holds a master’s degree in anatomy and cell biology from the University of Kansas and an undergraduate degree in biology from Point Loma College in San Diego.

Hudson and her husband, Billy Hudson, Ph.D., incoming professor of Medicine and director of Vanderbilt’s new Center for Matrix Biology, have three children: Billy, a chemist in Kansas City; Mark, a computer consultant in Kansas City; and Heather, currently an applicant to graduate school at the University of Kansas Medical Center.