July 15, 2010

Improvements made to recognition program

Improvements made to recognition program

A big part of making Vanderbilt a workplace of choice is taking the time to personally thank the people who work here for the difference they make each and every day.

To help do that, Vanderbilt is enhancing the “Recognize” program with a new rewards vendor and a new website, which will now be the one-stop shop for recognition. Go to http://hr.vanderbilt.edu/recognize/login/.

All staff and faculty can recognize each other with Life Occasions E-cards or Performance E-cards.

“Recognition is one of the most powerful tools we have to thank each other for extra effort, and the Recognize program is a simple way for everyone at VUMC to tap in to that power,” said Marilyn Dubree, Executive Chief Nursing Officer.

“Successful organizational cultures are built on constant recognition and appreciation, which leads to us challenging ourselves and others to higher levels of performance and satisfaction.”

Recognize awards will be issued by award givers in the form of points. Points can be saved or spent in the Universal Rewards Mall.

In the most recent satisfaction survey, questions relating to recognition received between a 70 percent and 78 percent favorable score. With increased use of “Recognize” and a renewed emphasis on the importance of recognition, the hope is to significantly increase those scores, but more so, to increase the quality and frequency of recognition in the Medical Center.

For those who received awards through our previous vendor before June 30 and have not redeemed those awards, there will be a transition period through the end of December to redeem. Please do not delay in redeeming your award.

The new and improved website launched July 12. For more information, go to http://hr.vanderbilt.edu/recognize/login/.