March 17, 2006

ITS offers streaming media

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Vanderbilt Information Technology Services is now offering expanded streaming media services to share lectures, events, ceremonies and more with viewers around the world. "Streaming" is the process of videotaping an event and playing it live via the Web or posting a saved copy of the video for viewing on demand.

To learn more about the new streaming media services, visit Select Hosting under the Products and Services menu, then Video/Media Streaming. The Requests page contains a Web form that is now required for all streaming media service requests.

You will also notice a "Quick Link" for the streaming media event calendar, which will let you know if streaming is available on the date that you need.

ITS can also assist faculty and staff in uploading their Real, Windows Media, Quicktime or MP3 files to the streaming media server for storage.

All of the services are currently free provided on a first-come, first-served basis. ITS resources allow for concurrently streaming one event live and recording one other event for delayed availability.