December 5, 2003

Judge Haynes receives Child Champion Award

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Plaque with radioactive beads. This device remained in Barbara Miller’s eye for one week, delivering radiation to her eye tumor.

Judge Barbara Haynes was recently awarded the inaugural Child Champion award from Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. The award was presented to Haynes Nov. 18 at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Board of Directors meeting.

Haynes has worked with Vanderbilt Children’s on many projects over the years, but within the space of one year, she worked with Vanderbilt Children’s staff and hospital representatives from across the state to toughen up Tennessee’s child restraint laws. The legislation was sponsored by her husband, State Senator Joe Haynes.

She also advocated for the name change of Capers Avenue to Childrens Way and is working to get interstate signage in place for the new hospital.

“Leadership requires vision, hard work and the commitment to finish the job,” said Vanderbilt CEO Jim Shmerling. “Because of Judge Haynes, Tennessee is now ranked nationally in the top three states for toughest car seat legislation.”

“The work I have done of the board at Vanderbilt Children’s has been so meaningful to me,” said Haynes. “Most people don’t know that I lost a newborn daughter years ago to a heart defect. The work I do with Vanderbilt Children’s is definitely spurred by Amy Elizabeth’s memory.”

The Child Champion Award is awarded to a community leader who consistently puts children at the top of the public agenda, or develops unique programs to meet the needs of children and their families.