March 21, 2003

Location known — Medical students learn residency slots

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Boris Pavlin celebrates his residency match at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. (photos by Dana Johnson)

Location known — Medical students learn residency slots

Justin Lockman kisses his wife Meghan after matching at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Lockman is one of several married VUSM students.

Justin Lockman kisses his wife Meghan after matching at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Lockman is one of several married VUSM students.

Tracy Clark hugs Dr. Bonnie Miller, associate dean for Medical Students, at the Match Day event. Clark matched at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Tracy Clark hugs Dr. Bonnie Miller, associate dean for Medical Students, at the Match Day event. Clark matched at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

James Sieradzki, the last name to be called, won the fishbowl of money. Sieradzki matched at Northwestern.

James Sieradzki, the last name to be called, won the fishbowl of money. Sieradzki matched at Northwestern.

Tumi Johnson, center, celebrates after her NYU residency match Thursday afternoon. Johnson’s sister, Tola, and student Joanna Hwang congratulate her.

Tumi Johnson, center, celebrates after her NYU residency match Thursday afternoon. Johnson’s sister, Tola, and student Joanna Hwang congratulate her.

A Wednesday hike at Percy Warner Park and a Match Day breakfast at The Pancake Pantry with classmates helped ease the “where will I be serving my residency” jitters for Kristin Ehst, class president of the Class of 2003.

Ehst, who learned during Thursday’s nationwide Match Day that she will serve a medicine/pediatric residency at Vanderbilt, said the day was bittersweet for the class as they come to the end of four years together, but look forward to new opportunities. The class cheered a teary, red-faced Ehst as she received the sealed envelope containing the location of her residency.

“This class has been a close community of family and friends. We have really grown up together, going through many pivotal life changes, including marriages, births, the death of loved ones, not to mention the emotional stress that comes with medical education,” Ehst said. “I believe that many of us would say that our deepest friendships have been made during the past four years, as we have labored next to each other in the classroom and on the wards. Over the past month we have felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia mixed with appreciation for the incredible opportunities that lie before us.”

Ehst, whose mother, Ann and sister, Melissa surprised her by driving from Pennsylvania for Match Day, said she hopes to eventually work in an underserved area where she can care for entire families, such as rural Appalachia, in a community health care center, or in an urban setting where she could care for refugee families.

Medical students across the country started the process for the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) more than a year ago by formulating initial lists of medical centers and hospitals to be considered for application and review. After grueling application processes and on-site interviews, residency preference lists are prepared by the students and the various programs. The NRMP computer then matches the programs and students to give each their best choice. Match Day is the national event where the selections are revealed to medical students across the country.

Dr. Steven G. Gabbe kicked off the official Match Day celebration for the 92 Vanderbilt students who matched at institutions in 27 states. Twenty-two students matched at Vanderbilt. One student matched at Harvard, two at Johns Hopkins and Yale, and four at the University of Michigan.

“It’s a very exciting day in the life of the School of Medicine, but more importantly, in your lives. You will always be part of the Vanderbilt family, and we will be here to help you in any way we can,” said Gabbe, dean of the School of Medicine. “You’ll be warmly welcomed at your new locations. Vanderbilt students are always well prepared, and are great people. They’re always the leaders in every program.”

The medical students cheered Gabbe when he placed a $100 bill in the fishbowl. Following Vanderbilt tradition, each student places $1 in the fishbowl, and the student whose envelope is drawn last wins the money. This year’s winner was James Sieradzki, who will go to McGaw Medical Center at Northwestern University in Chicago for a residency in orthopaedic surgery.

Dr. Bonnie M. Miller, associate dean for Medical Students, wished the students luck, and then explained the process.

“After you get your envelope, do what you wish with the information,” she said. “You can open it up here in front of everybody, but some will decide to run back to the bathroom to open theirs.”

Many medical students were accompanied to the front of the room by their spouses, significant others and babies.

It was truly a family day for Karen Martin, who was accompanied to Match Day by her husband, her 14-month-old son, Alex, and her parents.

Martin gave birth to Alex in January of her third year of medical school. He was seven weeks early, weighed only 3 pounds, 11 ounces, and spent the first month of his life in Vanderbilt’s neonatal intensive care unit.

On Thursday, however, the curly-haired Alex found the steps of 208 Light Hall fascinating as he walked up and down the steps and played with a toy truck while he waited for his mother, one of the last to be called, to find out she would be staying at Vanderbilt for an internal medicine residency. Martin’s husband and both sets of grandparents, who live nearby, will continue taking turns keeping Alex while Martin works at the hospital.

“I have a lot of help,” she said.

Residency Assignment—Class of 2003

Wesley Abadie—Vanderbilt, Surgery-Preliminary

Dana Adkins—Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Internal Medicine, Portsmouth, Va.

Lisa Andrews—Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, Pediatrics, Philadelphia

Randy Bourne—University of New Mexico SOM, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Albuquerque

Kou-Wei Chiu—Riverside Regional Medical Center, Family Practice, Newport News, Va.

Tracy Clark—Children’s Hospital/Los Angeles, Pediatrics

John Conoyer—Vanderbilt, Otolaryngology

Meg Corrigan—Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Psychiatry, St. Louis

Samuel Coy—University of Chicago Hospital, Orthopaedic Surgery, Chicago

Jerry Crook—Vanderbilt, Internal Medicine

Dhiren Dave—UCLA Medical Center, Urology

Josh Denny—Vanderbilt, Internal Medicine

Danielle Dion—Vanderbilt, Obstetrics /Gynecology

Lesly Dossett—Vanderbilt,General Surgery

David Duong—Stanford University, Urology, Palo Alto, Calif.

Maren Eggert—University of Minnesota Medical School, Internal Medicine, Minneapolis

Kristin Ehst—Vanderbilt, Medicine: Pediatrics

Brian Emerson—Austin Medical Education Programs, Transitional, Austin; Mayo Graduate SOM, Anesthesiology, Jacksonville, Fla.

Justin Esses—Boston University Medical Center, Psychiatry, Boston

William Fiske—Duke University Medical Center, Internal Medicine, Durham

Brent Frisbie—Baptist Hospital, Preliminary, Nashville; Vanderbilt, Diagnostic Radiology

Sandra Garrard—Utah Valley Family Practice, Family Practice, Provo, Utah

Stephen Gimple—Vanderbilt, Internal Medicine

Joann Goring—Vanderbilt, Internal Medicine

Daniel Grippo—HealthONE Alliance, Transitional, Denver; Vanderbilt, Diagnostic Radiology

Stephanie Harris—The Medical College of Wisconsin, Urology, Milwaukee

Susan Hata—Vanderbilt, Medicine: Pediatrics

Jonathan Heavey—University of Virginia, Emergency Medicine, Charlottesville

Chris Hilton—University of Minnesota, Otolaryngology, Minneapolis

Sam Hong—Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Internal Medicine, St. Louis

Alex Hughes—UCLA Medical Center, Orthopaedic Surgery, Los Angeles

Mimi Huizinga—Vanderbilt, Internal Medicine

Joanna Hwang—University of Wisconsin Hospitals, Otolaryngology, Madison

Gopa Iyer—Forest Park Hospital, Transitional, St. Louis

Lisa Jackson—Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Chicago

Lin Jin—Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Medicine-Primary, Santa Clara, Calif.

Kevin Jo—University of Colorado SOM, Internal Medicine, Denver

Tumi Johnson—NYU School of Medicine, Medicine-Primary

Michael Johnston-—Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Surgery, Portsmouth, Va.

Jeff Jorgensen—Vanderbilt, Surgery-Preliminary

Se Ryoung Kim—Yale-New Haven Hospital, Internal Medicine

Kris Kimball—University of Alabama Hospital, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Birmingham

Kevin Kozak—Boston University Medical Center, Transitional; Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Radiation Oncology, Boston

Brian Lindman—Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Internal Medicine, St. Louis

Justin Lockman—Johns Hopkins Hospital, Pediatrics, Baltimore

Dee Malkerneker—Vanderbilt, Surgery-Preliminary

Annis Marney—Vanderbilt, Internal Medicine

Karen Martin—Vanderbilt, Internal Medicine

Nicole McCoin—Vanderbilt, Emergency Medicine

Morgan McDonald—University of North Carolina Hospital, Medicine: Pediatrics, Chapel Hill

Jared McKinney—Vanderbilt, Emergency Medicine

Andy Michel—Harvard Longwood Psychiatric-Mt. Auburn Hospital, Psychiatry, Cambridge

Suhail Mithani—Johns Hopkins Hospital, General Surgery, Baltimore

Constance Mobley—University of Michigan Hospitals, General Surgery, Ann Arbor

Allan Moore—Massachusetts General Hospital, Internal Medicine, Boston

John Mori—University of Rochester/Strong Memorial, Neurology, Rochester, N.Y.

David Morris—University of Michigan Hospitals, Urology, Ann Arbor

Rahul Nayak—University of Michigan Hospitals, Internal Medicine, Ann Arbor

Chris Nolte—Mayo Clinic, Neurology, Jacksonville, Fla.

Kristin Nyweide—University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals, Pediatrics, Seattle

Colleen O’Connor—University of Colorado SOM, Pediatrics, Denver

J.P. Olarte—University of North Carolina Hospital, General Psychiatry, Chapel Hill

Mona Patel—Massachusetts General Hospital, Psychiatry, Boston

Boris Pavlin—Yale-New Haven Hospital, Medicine-Preliminary

Rob Peck—Massachusetts General Hospital, Medicine: Pediatrics, Boston

Lauren Peters—UCLA Medical Center, Pediatrics

Bill Pidwell—University of Utah Affiliated Hospital, Family Practice, Salt Lake City

May Pini—New England Medical Center, Internal Medicine, Boston

Susannah Quisling—University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, Medicine-Preliminary, Ophthalmology, Iowa City

Krishna Ratnam—Jackson Memorial Hospital, Internal Medicine, Miami

Doreen Ray—Mt. Sinai Hospital, Medicine: Pediatrics, New York

Brent Rexer—Vanderbilt, Internal Medicine

Jacob Richardson—Walter Reed Army Hospital, Psychiatry, Washington D.C.

Chloe Rowe—Children’s Memorial Hospital, Pediatrics, Chicago

Brian Shannon—University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics, Orthopaedic Surgery, Madison

Michael Shashaty—Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Internal Medicine, Philadelphia

Eric Shinohara—Vanderbilt, Research: Radiation Oncology

Kathrin Sidell—Stanford University, Pediatrics, Palo Alto

James Sieradzki—McGaw Medical Center-Northwestern University, Orthopaedic Surgery, Chicago

Jeff Smithers—Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, Medicine: Pediatrics, Phoenix

Jonathan Spanier—Vanderbilt, Pediatrics

John Stafford—Vanderbilt, Internal Medicine

Jeffrey Stark—Emory University SOM, Internal Medicine, Atlanta

Emily Stoneman—University of Michigan Hospitals, Internal Medicine, Ann Arbor

Hema Thakar—University of Texas SW Medical School, General Surgery, Dallas

Andrew Trueblood—University of Chicago Hospital, Orthopaedic Surgery, Chicago

Kim Vinson—University of Arkansas, Otolaryngology, Fayetteville

Sonya Wang—New England Medical Center, Pediatrics, Boston

Todd Wine—University of Cincinnati, Otolaryngology

Jack Wu—Cook County Hospital, Medicine-Preliminary, Emergency Medicine, Chicago

Steve Wu—Children’s Hospital Medical Center/University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Child Neurology, Cincinnati

James Yeh—Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Internal Medicine, Santa Clara, Calif.