February 9, 2012

Magnet update

Magnet update

Validate. Verify. Amplify.

Those three words describe the key purpose for the Magnet Site visit in just two weeks. From Feb. 20-24, the four appraisers will be on campus and in the clinics to experience first-hand what was described in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Magnet document.

They want to make sure that the key elements of Magnet organization are present here at Vanderbilt.

Staff will primarily have three potential opportunities to interact with the appraisers during the week:

• When the appraisers visit your area.

• Some staff will be selected by the appraisers to attend breakfast or lunch sessions.

• Some staff will be invited to be part of other group meetings with the appraisers.

Even though the visit will end Friday, Feb. 24, it will take at least two to three months to learn the results of the VUMC Site visit.

For a detailed schedule of the site visit, go here.

For information on the appraisers, go here.